Putting on the water after a good hike in

So I finally ventured out and kayaked another river other than the Nantahala. Granted, the Nanty is total gnar (hahah)…it felt good to broaden my horizons among the many rivers in the area. So, check off the list….The Chattooga River: Section 3 and 3.5. (One day I’ll do section 4)

Section 3

Section 3 was fun, but a little boney in spots. I was just proud that I never had to roll…because the likely-hood of my getting the roll is slim to none. I most likely would have swam. The cold weather doesn’t mix well with some who’s just grasping their roll. It was a good crew that went that day. Five kayaks total and C2 tandem canoe.

I later paddled Section 3.5 of the Chattooga with Robby and Bud. I tried out hand paddles and quickly learned I didn’t like them on flat water.

In the nasty foam at the bottom of Bulls Sluice

It was funny because Bud and I were just carrying on conversation while paddling when all of a sudden I see a huge pour over. Once I realized where I was it was too late and I ran Bulls Sluice…the wrong way. Yes, it was a horrible line. I swam. It was no biggy because I’m used to it…I tried running it again actually….and swam once more…. : ) Oh, A day in the life.

I have some footage of running Woodall and I’ll try to post it on here!

Hand paddles


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