Baby, it’s cold outside

Walking down the trail at Bulls Sluice

Chattooga Section 3.5 today was a nice little run. It’s been about a week since I paddled, so anything would suffice. Bud, Robby, Nate and I put-in at Bulls Sluice and took out at Woodall.

The trail down to the water was snow covered. Slipping and sliding all the way down to the river, thankfully, there were no broken bones as we arrived to the water.

Natedog on a sheet of ice

As we paddled around and warmed up our muscles, everyone stated goals they were going to achieve paddling that day….i.e. I said to not swim. Nate said he doesn’t want to get his face wet, and then fell short when he purposefully rolled in an eddy. Silly boy….

At Woodall

Half way down the river some boaters paddled up who were competing in a locals only race on Section IV. As they past we all casually said hello, engaging in small talk and wishing them luck. Robby knew quite a few of the boaters having worked on the Chattooga for so many years.

Local racers starting line


It was a perfect day to be on the water. The air was warmer than usual (mid 40’s) and the sun was shining on us a majority of the time. After hiking the boats down to the water, with layers upon layers of clothing draped on our bodies, most of us had broke a sweat.

Personally, I don’t care how cold it is….i’ll always be open for a whitewater adventure.

Snow on the river

The water levels were a little lower than the last time I paddled this section. Regardless, it was fun.

You should come next time we go. Oh hey, actually….that’s Monday. Yup. MLK means no school and another day on the water. So get your paddles ready and let’s gooooooo.

Happy paddling : )

:) the water was so clear that day


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