Dope freshy fresh

Why hello there.

Tellico. Located just over the NC line in Tenn, it’s a beautiful location. Not to mention the drive over on the Cherohala Skyway is absolutely breath-taking, with views of the Smokies that you can see for miles.

Arriving to Baby Falls I didn’t think I was going to kayak that day, but once I saw the falls it was fate.

There really wasn’t much water but enough. On the first run, I put in right above the falls and caught an eddy on river right.

On the second run my skirt imploded on impact. I called it the yellow submarine because I was completely underwater for a few seconds, but remained right side up.

Vert is where it’s at.

So fun.


2 Responses to “Dope freshy fresh”

  1. Looks like 1.LOW on the gauge that day! =-p R2’d that brat in Dec @ 4′! Love that river, from the ledges all the way to the ranger station!

  2. Stephen, it was definitely low. I can’t wait to go back when it’s up a few feet. Hope to see you on the water!
    : )

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