Let by gones be by gones

Over the course of my spring break I paddled 3 new rivers: Straight Fork (lower Raven), the Tellico, and the Little River Canyon. I neglected to grab the charger from my dorm room nothing was documented because my camera was dead.

The Striaght Fork was ballin’. I was just pumped because I only flipped once, and that was the first combat roll I had ever landed.

Next day was Tellico. It was at about 2 ft. Again I was pumped because I didn’t swim, but landed 4 combat rolls. Yeah, I got my practice in that day. After running the 2 mile stretch Paul, Brad and I decided to run Bald River Falls. A nice little lady took pics!

Me about to take the 25' plunge

Paddling out

That weekend I headed over to the LRC. I was stoked kayaking a new river in a new state. Little did I know that would be the day I would lose my boat. Bye-bye Bliss-stick.

The crew was having a great run on the Upper Two. Then on the entrance of “Humpty Dumpty” I hit a rock and rolled up…flipped again and was pinned, so I had to wet exit. My boat got flushed down toilet bowl on river right.

Another paddler lost his paddle in the same place. Thankfully no one was hurt. We still had a great time and made the best out of the circumstances.


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