“Listen, I don’t do this play stuff. I run rivers and creeks”

March 19 was Base Camp Cullowhee’s 6th Annual Demo Day. Every boat manufacturer and eager kayaker was at Eternity Hole to test new products.

Me being one of those eager boaters I signed up not only to demo a playboat, but to also compete. Who was I kidding? I had never playboated before a day in my life.


Nevertheless, I sucked it up and I picked a small Pyranha Mulan from some cute guys.

My first time in the hole I was screaming the whole time. All my friends on the side lines were cheering me on. Justin Kleberg got on the intercom and announced to everyone it was my first time ever surfing the hole. Luckily when I flipped I actually got my roll.

Super pumped, I fervently paddled up to the surf again, only this time not getting my roll once I washed out. I was right back at it though.

Tommy Yon throwin' up the deuces

For the competition there ware 3 heats of 8 teams. The teams were paired groups of 3 paddlers. A beginner, amateur, and pro. (I was a beginner) haha.

My team was pretty ballin’. We got serious style points for Tommy Yon doing the “Hand of God” when I would flip. Thanks Tommy, I needed your help.

Playboats just aren’t the same as creek boats when rolling. At least for this chic who just got a solid roll (or thought had a solid roll).

Doing my job. The task of the time keeper!

Surprisingly, my team placed first. I think because my two teammates were totally shredding it! I did nothing, really.

I love the paddling community! I love the grass-roots feel and great attitude everyone has while on the water. It’s the best thing anyone could ever be apart of.

You should experience the next hometown throw-down. I highly recommend/encourage you to come out and show some support. Here’s a link to the results and lots and lots of pictures: 6th Annual BCC Demo Day, Eternity Hole Pro-Am

Me, Tommy and Trent



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