Photo shoot with Red Bull’s best

Profile of Adam Earrington

Thanks to my friend and SBM for Red Bull, Zach Heaton, I was given an amazing opportunity learning from the best in the business! After the Illume exhibit Thursday night, Friday was spent with the ultimate in action sports photography, Garth Milan. (not to mention everything was paid for…say what?!?)

Yep, one of action sport’s leading photographers, coached a small group of us on the basics of action sport photography. His enthusiasm to teach and keen eye for design set the standard for the day. Garth has shot some of the best athletes like Travis Pastrana and Nathan Woods.

Profile of Steel Lafferty

The location: Trophy Lakes Charleston, SC; the athletes: Steel Lafferty & Adam Earrington. The morning started out with taking profile pics of the pro wakeboarders, then we shot “can-in-hand” photo’s, and lastly action shots.

Here are the “can-in-hand shots” 

The action shots were taken on two different boats (one pulling & one chasing) and also from the shoreline.

Garth showed us lighting, angles, and variety. Not only did I learn about shooting a subject, but also the preproduction of a shoot. With Garth’s experience he’s seen it all. He gave us tips on how to prepare for a photo shoot and what to expect during the process.

Check out just a few of the photos I took, and don’t be afraid to critique : )


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  1. Had a fun time with you Shannon!

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