Red Bull Illume

Illume Exhibit all lit up

For those of you who haven’t heard of Red Bull Illume it’s the most awesome exhibit I’ve seen. Like an outdoor art museum only visible at night, the Illume Exhibit Tour was stunning. Definitely a modern way of showcasing the beauty of these photos.

Red Bull Illume is an action sports photography contest. Almost 23 thousand photos, nearly 5 thousand photographers and just over 100 countries submitted their goods.

Staring at the photos lit up in the darkness of downtown Charleston made me realize the magnitude of the earth, the extraordinary capabilities of our bodies, and the technology we have to push the limits. It’s hard to grasp when you really sit and think about it. 

It was difficult to choose just one picture that trumped the rest of the contest. Each photo was unique in its own way, highlighting the culture of the sport whether it was climbing, snowboarding, biking, etc.

Everyone loved this photo. How could you not?

If I had to choose a favorite, of course, it would be kayaking. In 2009, Tyler Bradt ran the 198.5-feel Palouse Falls in eastern Washington, and the photo that captured the descent is EPIC.


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