4 for 4

First trip of the season These girl were awesome.

I finally have time to sit down and write about my long weekend filled with kayaking! I paddle Friday-Monday. Friday: Chattooga 3.5, Saturday: guided 2 rafts down the Nanty and hit the Cascades afterwards, Sunday: Chattooga again, and Monday: a few laps on the Pigeon.

Below Junkyard on the Cascades

The Cascades and the Pigeon were both personal first descents, so it was exciting to get a few new rivers under my belt. From narrow and technical and to wide and big volume, comparably the rivers were completely different. Here’s a link to an article I wrote about the Cascades: The river less traveled: first time on the Nantahala Cascades

The Pigeon was pumpin’ at two grand. I loved punching through the big holes and riding the wave trains. Shuttle was super easy to set which made the decision for round 2 easy.

Nate going for the boof!

Both days on the Chattooga I practiced boofing. Nate, Jay, and I stayed at Rock Jumble for a solid 30 minutes running every line we could see. Two times I went down the same line that made me flip and both times I was not trying to go there…so funny. Any who, I mastered the river right boof while the boys played on the left.

Nate called this one "Ghost of the headless boofer"...kinda crazy pic!

The confidence that came with finally getting a solid combat roll has propelled my kayaking capabilities. It’s tons of fun being free from the fear of swimming (especially when it was freezing) and trying new things on the river. Before, I would never dare try to boof, or catch and peel out of a fast eddy line when I didn’t know how to roll (if I did any of these things it wasn’t on purpose).

Yay whitewater.


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