Summer Job.

Jay with the scouts on the Nantahala

This summer I had the privilege of teaching boy scouts the basics of kayaking. Being water wise was the essence of the first day. We would start by rafting on the Nantahala and teaching the boys how to read water by showing them different features and characteristics of the river, communication signals, and terms commonly used by paddlers.

The instructors and the gremlin face....

Second day was lake day. Where we focused on the wet exit, t-rescue, forward propulsion stroke, sweeps, stern draw, bracing, head dink, rolling, etc. etc. On the third day we paddled the Tuck Gorge and played at Devil’s Dip, and the forth day was spent on the Nantahala.

Jay Laughters was the lead instructor of the program and a great mentor for me to learn from throughout the summer. We made a pretty extraordinary team (see so for yourself by watching the video). Not to mention the leaders from the camps were a big help as well!

I put together a little video of the scouts because I was so proud of these boys (it’s also a promo for next yr. hence 2012). Before coming to the gorge they had no previous experience in whitewater…and they were stylin’. Let me warn you, they saw the “brown claw” on a paddling video one morning while eating breakfast and couldn’t stop doing it on the water.



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