Hard out here for a boater

Eddy Flexi

Starting my job in the Marketing Dept. at Confluence Watersports has been so awesome. From day one I jumped in doing hands on work for big projects, some of which I’m in complete charge.

We’re busy here getting ready for Gauley Fest. Which by the way, we will be raffling AT paddles and a  Wavesport Project X so come by our booth, hangout, play cornhole, and have a beer!

A couple reasons why I love my job so much would be because of the people, my schedule, and the perks. Let me explain…

The people I work around are the bomb ( and I’m not saying that becasue of Bomber Gear). They truely are awesome people that want me to learn and succeed and grow in the business.

GoPro shot under Hooker Falls with the Bomber Gear

My schedule is insane. I work Tues.-Thurs, 8 hour days (sometimes more). That means 4 day weekends…to paddle. If you ever want to paddle hit me up.

And last but most certainly not least, the perks are outrageous. After my first week here I was given the opportunity to use the AT’s new Eddy Flexi paddle because my assignment was to write about it, which you can read here. On top of that, I was given Bomber Gear apparel to use while on the water and get footage while paddling. THEN a boat…Project X to be exact. Which I later returned because I’m used to more volume and didn’t want to be a submarine : ) …need a 56 not 48.

I returned everything the next week only to be given a huge duffle bag of Bomber Gear to use and get more footage. But I have a dilemma, I have more apparel than what I can put on…I need extra bodies to dress. So you should paddle with me and be in videos that will go on the website!

Oh I almost forgot, at a company wide meeting yesterday my ticket was drawn and I received some free shwaggggg.

Just an update on my life. I wanna hear about yours!



2 Responses to “Hard out here for a boater”

  1. Love the post. Love the pictures. Love you.

  2. Well Shannon, your words are inspiring. I’m currently looking at Confluence as a company to work for. I’m liking what I’m hearing since I’m an adventure sports nut and looking to use my management and marketing background. Besides the fact that I need to expand my skills in the paddle market! Keep living the dream, maybe I’ll be working with you soon.

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