Good Gauley Call Mommy

By Scott Martin

November will make a year of paddling for this chick and Gauleyfest 2011 was quite the little early anniversary party. I’m stoked to have paddled the Upper before my first year of kayaking (it was a personal goal)…for the next year maybe the Green Race, ha?….ha

By Scott Martin

Here’s a list of things that first come to mind when thinking aobut the past weekend:

I’m thankful Confluence put me and a couple of my coworkers up in the Hampton Inn for the weekend (camping is for the birds). I’m thankful to have been a part of Ladies on the Lower G. I’m thankful to have met so many cool people, hope to see them again. I’m thankful the festival fair grounds were within walking distance of my hotel (no drinking and driving y’all). I’m thankful to have paddled the New with Andrew Holcombe and Jessica Wessinger (who got a combat roll!). I’m thankful to have paddled the Upper and enjoy it without hesisation or fear, no swims.

Yep, the Lord has blessed me…tyring to not take advantage of the life He’s given me, but live it to the fullest, giving Him all glory.

Click here to see the beautiful pictures shot by Scott Martin from my day on water with Girls on the Lower G.

The only pic I have of me on the Upper and I'm not even in my boat!


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