Shuttle Bunny

Friday, Oct. 14, there were many boaters on the water in Saluda, NC on The Green River Narrows. I was perched on the rock listening to music and cheering people on as they paddle through the squeezer of a rapid: Go Left and Die.

Ashley using all my gear on the Upper Green! Looking good in the 2012 Mamba!

First, I set shuttle for friends who were paddling the Upper Green. Liz was taking Brandon and Ash. It would be Ashley’s first time kayaking and Brandon’s first time on this particular river. I was super excited to be apart of their experience. Then, I ventured off for a hike around the beautiful gorge. While waiting for some other friends to pass by (oh the duties of shuttle bunny) I took in the fall foliage and majestic beauty of The Green River Narrows.

I noticed while filming that Dagger’s Green Boat out numbered every long boat on the water. It wasn’t a surprise, but certainly confirmed the fact that the Green Boat was specifically made for this very river. Hince the name and popularity among the boaters.

Being out there made me even more psyched for this years race!


One Response to “Shuttle Bunny”

  1. Thanks for the shuttle Shannon. Awesome edit!

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