After running a flack jacket to a guy at the start line for snowmobile, I was talking to my dad on the phone walking back to PreTures (“preset & features” for XGames) when I saw a familiar face that stopped me dead in my tracks, jaw dropped and wide-eyed. I said,”Dad, I gotta go,”  before he could say bye I hung up the phone and was walking toward Steve Fisher.

Contour Tent

He pretty much saw me pass the tent, take two steps back, and stare at him in disbelief. Steve was smiling as I walked in the Contour tent saying, “Are you kidding me. I can’t believe you’re here.” He replied, “You must be a paddler? How are you?”  The rep next to him laughed, probably at the fact I was the only one who noticed Steve back in the corner, all alone, on his computer. But I answered his question and he continued to ask where I was from and why I was in Aspen. I was curious why he was at the XGames and how his expedition to the Congo went. He said it was awesome and he’s editing the footage right now. Everything else was a blur…I walked away stunned.

Yes, I was the typical groupie and asked for a picture. No shame. I was stoked to see him, and hear that accent.

There he is


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