Madness I tell you

Hold that pose

Even though I was tired and ready to crash last night, I forced myself to go out and watch the snowboard pipe practice. It’s outrageous to watch these guys (and girls) soar down steep gradient, whip around, then smoothly land and set up for the next trick. I managed to capture a decent photo on my phone (haven’t uploaded the pics from the 60D).

Below the superpipe

Today was filled with funness (I just created a word, go with it). First, I sorted through GoPro clips of yesterday’s Sarah Burke tribute, Shaun White on the superpipe, and Justin Hoyer and Heath Frisby doing their snowmobile freestyle thanggg. Not only am I the first to see the raw footage, but I trim it down to the best clips. Wait wait wait,

So many wires. I mean everywhere!

they trust me to pick the best clips for the editing room? What a responsibility! It’s a good feeling when your opinion is trusted. Seeing those shots on commercials or videos online is pretty cool!

Later today I helped shoot the “Next at X” and “Navy” clips you see during commercials. I enjoy this task (yesterday I did too)! Sutch (the cameraman) and I exchange creative ideas and find ways to stay outside as long as possible. These shots are used as a marketing tool, everything is about marketing or PR with an event like this.

Also, I met some cool guys this evening. They showed me the technical side of things. The wiring in the picture is a small, small glimpse of how complex and intricate this operation is. Being here and seeing this setup firsthand has blown my mind. Amazing.


5 Responses to “Madness I tell you”

  1. Great post Shannon…very interesting, tell us more!! We have been watching on tv tonight.

  2. ishhollis Says:

    YOU AARE AMAZING!!! You have given me some really good ideas

  3. I absolutely love your blog, it’s refreshing and inspiring. I have a major urge to edit mine in an attempt to make it as awesome as yours. Along with the blog it’s so interesting reading about what you do with ESPN. It all sounds really exciting. And just to warn you I will most likely ask you for a lot of help in working with wordpress.

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