Afternoon on the Tuck


Holdover Rainbow

No class and no where to kayak means it’s time to go fishing! Thomas Grimes, a close friend and classmate, and I got our gear together and drove to the river. After our two minute drive we arrived at Thomas “money” spot.

Thomas snatchin up MJ

Right of the bat I caught a sucker fish! Then a holdover rainbow, following a stock rainbow made for 3 fish within the first hour of fishing two holes pretty hard. Thomas and I both saw so many fish flashing there bellies and surfacing! Just made you wanna keep going.

One of the many fish Thomas caught was a feisty little thing. We named him MJ2 because he was jumping out of the water and getting some major air just like Michael Jordan would when he plays basketball. Ha.

Sucker fishy

After a couple hours we moved to a new spot upstream where we both caught a handful more! Within the first 5 casts I caught 2 fish and Thomas was working another hole where he caught probably 6 alone.

All in all it was a successful day. Can’t wait to get on the water again!!!


One Response to “Afternoon on the Tuck”

  1. Miller Watson Says:

    Love the web page Shannon! I need to start up a blog pretty nifty! You have given me insight to the next greatest thing for me haha. But like the story and the pics and nice holdover. Just keep fishing!


    Miller aka Stacks

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