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Red Bull Flow Hunters

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Here’s a little blurb I wrote up for Dagger‘s news…I’m pretty stoked to see this film. Can’t wait for it to drop. Anything having to do with these guys is sure to be mind-blowing!

Team D’s, Rush Sturges, is known for embarking on expeditions of epic proportions. He joinsRed Bull‘s, Ben Brown and team for a 35 day adventure that spans both islands of New Zealand. The team travel over 8000km, paddle for 24 days and descend 17 rivers.

The adventure lead them to the discovery of remote, new kayaking frontiers. Deep within the Southern Alps of the West Coast, through the big, high water runs of South Otago and across the North Islands central volcanic plateau, they were reminded of their vunerability. These rivers demanded their humility, but yield so much achievement and peace in return.

Watch teaser HERE!


Iker Beristain: Truchas combo

Posted in Whitewater on April 23, 2012 by slchristy1

A blog I wrote for Bomber Gear a few weeks ago: Iker Beristain: Truchas combo.



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You’re so much safer in your boat than out of it. Learn your roll and make it solid.

I’m working on getting that confidence back. I don’t know where it went!

Duo the fun

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The last time I ran the Cheoah River I went for a ride in Jackson kayak’s: Dynamic Duo. My partner in crime, Burton Greer, and I put on the Cheoah River for its second release this year. A Class IV+ river full of hydraulics, wave trains, and boofs.

Middle line at Bear Creek Falls

A duo is a two-person kayak, it’s such a long boat that it takes a lot of power to get where you need to go, especially in class IV waters. So teamwork is key, and communication a must.

Burton and I had no trouble until the very end of the run. We flipped and tried to both roll, then ended up swimming because we were unable to get upright. Looking back at the situation we both laugh and say we had too much confidence going into it. Next time!

Bomber Gear’s K-Bomb

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I love this sprayskirt! Click link for full details!

Bomber Gear

Rapid Magazine agrees that stylin’ this spring is our K-Bomb Mandala Sprayskirt!

“Like any good accessory, Bomber Gear’s K-Bomb skirt turns heads and can be personalized to match the rest of your outfit.” –Rapid Mag

Finding a skirt that will stay on the boat in all conditions and keep you dry can be hard to find, though now you can have the best of both worlds (with an added fashion forward sense). Rapid praises not only the look of the Mandala, but the structure of the Teflon-based ink injected neoprene that keeps paddlers dry. The bomber shock cord fits so snug around the cockpi-rim there is no room for implosion.

Check out the full length article here:

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Posted in Whitewater on March 15, 2012 by slchristy1

Stoked on Tallulah Fest and Bomber Gear!

Bomber Gear

This year Dagger is a proud sponsor of Tallulah Fest 2012 and we’re giving away our top of the line Bomb Dry Top!!!

To win this sick dry top all you have to do is send your best “paddle wagon” photo to

First place, of course, gets the Bomb Dry Top, while second and third place are not forgotten! Keen, Smith Optics, Mountain Khakis, and Immersion Research prizes will be awarded!

Watch the video for more details: 

Like” Tallulah Fest on Facebook!

Tallulah Fest celebrates the release of the Tallulah Gorge, and donates money to American Whitewater. A weekend of being outside on the water, listening to handmade music, and having a good time is what this event is all about!

Come out and see us!

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No Diggity

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Eternity is so much fun. It’s the most forgiving play spot in the SE. Perfect for learning and experimenting.

Kleberg and Caldwell play last winter at eternity

Honestly, I really haven’t play boated much at all. My first time in a play boat was March, and I could probably count on my hand the times I’ve spent playing in a hole. I only know how to do flat spins…I’ve tried to do a loop probably 3 times and have failed every time.

I prefer to move down river and not just stay at one feature, but it’s still fun. Besides, I’m a little hesitant to just throw myself around in a hole when a have a bad shoulder. I do wish I knew how to do more stuff though, but it takes time practicing and just getting out there on the water.

After my beat down. Now ready for the melt down.

I’m a firm believer that play boating makes you a better boater. Not only does your roll become super solid, but you know how to react if you do get stuck in a hole by surprise. I know this from personal experience. A couple weeks ago at the last drop of Lost Paddle on the Upper Gauley, I got surfed in a really shallow hole river left. After about 20 seconds I finally got out, then washed down in another hole right below. Switching from my on side to off-side roll and throwing back decks in attempt to catch the green water, I finally got out after about 15 seconds and was super pumped to still be in my boat! I would not have known how to react to the situation had I not spent time surfing holes.

So, spending the time play boating definitely pays off in the end, even if your like me and don’t know how to do anything!

The video below isn’t anything special, it’s meant to be silly, so don’t be hatin’.  Liz and I sure do have flat spins on lockkkkkk. ;)

See you on the water!